HHH its thee cretin hop

lofi rocknroll, diy punk, righteous psych, american primitive, cosmic choogle, spiritual jazz, rudimentary garage, demented delta blues, feminist postpunk, raw soul, protest funk, smoldering ragas, burnout folk, ambient country, dusty european 78s, militant afrobeat, japanese fuzz, pastoral no wave, anarcho power pop, insurgent brass bands, outlaw cajun, mesmerizing kosmische, soothing kbd, middle eastern drone, anti-racist lullabies, fucked free improv, prewar synth, minimalist gospel, indigenous trance, post-apocalyptic new age, bedroom jangle, manic field recordings, pre-industrial metal, blue-collar qawwali, underground girl groups, afro-futurist spoken word, blown out proto-punk, eastern phantom rhythms, passive-aggressive noise rock, socialist gamelan, proletariat skronk, stoner bluegrass, insurgent english folk, spacey dub, patriarchy-smashing hardcore, amateur string bands, dropout desert blues, four to the floor stomp, and all things recorded in the red.

thee cretin hop